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Best Seafood and Steak Near Me - Top 5 Locally

Best seafood and steak restaurants near me dishing up big juicy steaks and fresh seafood when dining out. Finding the best seafood and steak restaurants near me that serve them up can be a challenge.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here are our picks for the best seafood and steak restaurants near you. Whether you’re looking for a casual dining experience or a fine dining establishment, we’ve got you covered. Our list below will have your mouth watering with their menus giving you choices from appetizers to great home made desserts after your scrumptious meal. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the best that the sea and land have to offer in Panama City Beach Florida

best seafood and steak restaurants near me
Best Seafood & Steak Restaurants in Panama City Beach Florida

What seafood and Steak Restaurants are Known to be the Best in Panama City Beach?

Yes, it’s true: the best seafood and steak restaurants are near me. In fact, they’re so close that I can practically taste the ocean breezes and feel the sand between my toes. But seriously, folks, these are some of the best seafood and steakhouse joints in the business, and they’re all within easy driving distance of my house. So if you’re in the mood for some fresh seafood or prime steak, make sure to check out these restaurants near me. You won’t be disappointed. But, ask yourself this question, where do locals eat?

5 Best Seafood and Steak Restaurants Near Me Listed

When it comes to finding the best seafood and steak restaurants near me, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, steak is best enjoyed when it’s cooked to perfection. This means that you’ll want to find a restaurant that specializes in steak and has a good reputation for getting it right. Second, seafood is best enjoyed fresh, so you’ll want to find a restaurant that sources its seafood from reputable sources and has a good track record for serving up fresh and delicious seafood dishes.

With those factors in mind, here are some of the best steak and seafood restaurants near me that you can check out:

First Place Seafood and Steak Restaurant Near Me is: C Level – Seafood & Steakhouse Restaurant

If you’re looking for a quality restaurant that offers great food and service at reasonable prices, then you’ll love C Level. This  eatery is known for its delicious seafood dishes, succulent steaks, and expertly mixed drinks. Whether you’re inside or out in the weather, C Level Seafood and Steakhouse Restaurant has everything you need to enjoy a good meal. Plus, with prices skyrocketing, they offer lower than most other restaurants in PCB. This is one place where you can both afford to indulge and enjoy a night out!

Need a local place to have a great time?

Then you’ll love C Level. Not only do they offer delicious food and drinks, but their selection is truly unique. You can find anything from beer to wine to cocktails and even spirits. Plus, their menu is extensive enough that everyone in your family will be happy. But be sure to try some of their specialties, like the shrimp & grits or fried pineapple!

C-LEVEL seafood and steakhouse restaurant-near me in panama city beach florida

8014 Front Beach Road PCB, FL

best seafood and steak restaurants near me

Appetizers at our First Pick C Level

Of course, this restaurant serves delicious appetizers. The restaurant has excellent Gumbo Soup, Crab Queso Dip, Fried cheese sticks and Grouper Bites. Also, Tuna Tataki for those vegan eaters of fine foods.

Everyone wants the best dining experiences in Panama City Beach from restaurants near you when visiting. This is why high-quality meats with top-class service is important. Moreover, they offer variety of steaks, including a famous prime rib. It will satisfy the most discerning steak lovers. But, don’t forget the Rib-eye cooked just the way you want it. Now, where do locals eat? At this restaurant and the top 5 listed below. C Level Seafood and Steakhouse Restaurant is located on front beach road before the beaches next to Todd Herendeen Theatre.

2) The Grand Marlin is one of the Best Seafood and Steak Restaurants Near Me In Panama City Beach Florida

The Grand Marlin is a seafood and steak restaurant that focuses on fresh, local ingredients. They print menus daily. Taking advantage of the best selection of seafood available and making sure every dish is made from scratch.

Of course, only using the highest quality ingredients. Their relaxed atmosphere and beautiful views offer something special for everyone who visits. The Grand Marlin is a great place to relax and enjoy some of the best food in Panama City Beach. By the water and known for its location. This hot-spot serves prime rib, ribeyes, gulf shrimp, grouper piccata and fried oysters. Dinner specials that are definitely worth checking out. In addition don’t miss out on their large bar – lots of refreshing flavors that quince your thrust while there!

Go see why The Grand Marlin has gained such a following over the years!

The Grand Marlin seafood and steak restaurant in panama city beach florida

5323 N Lagoon Dr, PCB, FL  (Off Thomas Drive)

Christo's seafood and steak restaurant in panama city beach fl

2903 Thomas Dr, Panama City Beach, FL (Off Thomas Drive)

3) Christo’s Sports Bar & Grill

Christo’s is great for a lunch and dinner outing. Christo’s is a restaurant with something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for great food and comfortable atmosphere, or just want to catch the latest game on television, they’ve got you covered. Plus,  Christo’s offers the $6 beer pitchers. The food menu includes a special She Crab Soup, Shell Island Grilled Shrimp, Palmer’s Philly Fanatic and Seared Tuna Salad. So go on down and join them for some delicious grub and friendly conversation.

4) The Wicked Wheel

The Wicked Wheel has some of the most delicious fried chicken in Emerald Coast. Their hand-battered, marinated deep-frying chicken has been voted best of Bay. So, don’t miss out! They also have a variety of southern sides that will excite your southern taste buds with: rice & beans, greens collards, okra fried & more. Kids love it there – so go on over and enjoy some wicked good food!


The Wieked Wheel seafood and steak burgers in panama city beach fl

10025 Hutchison Blvd, PCB, FL


5551 N. Lagoon Drive Panama City Beach, FL (Off Thomas Drive)

5) Captain Anderson’s

Capt. Anderson’s is a restaurant that has been around for over 50 years and has seen plenty of growth. During that time, it’s managed to maintain its quality while expanding into new locations and serving more customers than ever before.  Its commitment to tradition – Capt. Anderson’s Restaurant was founded on the principle that tradition matters, and should be upheld through every step of the food journey from sourcing fresh seafood to creating classic dishes like blackened salmon with mashed potatoes and green beans.
 It feels like family… sort of – Even though Captian Andersons started out as just a couple fishermen.

Unique Place To Buy Seafood in Panama City Fl

Buddy Gandy’s Seafood Market

Offering a selection from fish, clams, squid, shrimp, lobster, crab, dips homemade and more. Steaming your seafood while waiting! With blue crabs arriving daily. Also, locally raised beef and bison grounded then purchase. Sold by the pound! If cooking at home, they have the ultimate seafood and steak dinner. Of course, taking home one of a kind custom cut ribeye!
Are you doing any local fishing? They handle that too! Dropping fish off for cleaning. Only .60 cent a pound.
They can pack items for traveling and shipping throughout the US. They don’t care where you came form or where you’re headed, they will help get your fresh seafood or a steak prepared.

Buddy Gandys Seafood Market

Do They Serve Alcoholic Drinks at the Best Seafood and Steak Restaurants near me

So, do the best seafood and steak restaurants near me serve alcoholic beverages?  Whether you’re in the mood for seafood or a good old fashioned steak, you’ll be able to find a place that meets your needs. However, before you go out and eat, make sure to ask if the restaurant has a full bar. This way, you can order your drink of choice and enjoy your meal to the fullest! Of course, if you drink alcohol.

Additionally, some restaurants might specialize in seafood or steaks and require an alcohol purchase in order to be seated indoors – so look out for this when deciding where to dine. So what are YOUR favorite places for delicious food? You make the call! Leave a review and tell them what you think.


Dining experiences at the Best Seafood and Steak Restaurants Near Me In Panama city Beach Florida.

Consider yourself a seafood and steak aficionado? You’re in luck! This list features the best seafood and steak restaurants near you. Whether you’re looking for a casual dining experience or a luxurious night out, these restaurants are sure to please. Bon appetit!

Table of Contents

Best Seafood and Steak Restaurants Frequently Asked Questions

Surf & Turf!  While dining out, you should try the combination of seafood and steak at each restaurant experiencing the best taste of both worlds.

Of Course, as you already know this, it a preference to your taste buds. But, with that said, prime rib and file mignon is a very sought after steak.

Yummy! At all of the sections mention above, We have tried them all. Can say from experience, each have there own unique flavorful taste. Look at each restaurants online reviews to get a better understanding to what tourist are saying when visiting.

Most seafood being serve in the restaurants in Panama City Beach Florida is caught from the Gulf of Mexico locally. Now some might come from other states like specific fishes and clams. But, in general, all is form Panama City Florida. Theirs a large fleet of fishing and shrimp boats that  supply the restaurants locally and around the US.

Well, that’s a trick question. Because, depending on your personal preferences any fish could be the best. This would have to be tested by you. Try all different types of fish and seafood finding the one you like the best at each restaurant. Now, make a judgement call for yourself. Now, heres a list of what we feel is the best in this area.

  1. Grouper
  2. Yellow Fin Tuna
  3. Red Snapper
  4. Flounder
  5. Snook

In general, they all offer a type of food visitors and locals love to eat. From a great cooked steak to added seafood on the menus, one has choices. With most of them also serving drinks and desserts to combine your dinner experience.

Conclusion of the Top 5 Seafood and Steak Restaurants Near Me

So, lets close our talk about the best seafood and steak restaurants near you. There’s a few things to consider. For starters, what kind of atmosphere are you looking for? Are you hoping for a casual dining experience or a more upscale, fine dining restaurant?

If you’re looking for the best fine dining steak restaurants, we’ve got you covered. These restaurants are sure to impress. Whether you’re looking for a classic steak experience or a modern twist on seafood and steak, these restaurants will not disappoint.

So, what are you waiting for? Start visiting each restaurant for the best seafood and steak restaurants near you today! Also, you can get some of the best seafood takeout in Panama City Beach Florida.

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Consuming raw or under-cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.

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