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Best Seafood Dinner In Panama City Beach

In fact, tossed or broiled, steamed, battered, or fried- there are several ways to enjoy seafood. But when it comes to the best seafood dinner in Panama City Beach, you do not want to settle for less. The beauty of PCB is unexplored until you dine Floridian style. Whatever happened to When in Rome catchphrase? You experience the blue, twinkling waters at the bay and relish the “catch of the day”!

What’s more, to love is that there is fresh seafood dinner for all budgets. So quick bites or date nights, you have a multitude of options. The real question remains- Where can I get the best seafood dinner in Panama City Beach? We have all the answers for you, we don’t want you to get “prawned”. Take a look.

1. Best Seafood Dinner = C Level – Seafood & Steakhouse Restaurant

8014 Front Beach Rd, Panama City Beach, FL

There’s good food and then there is hit-the-spot, splendid quality seafood. And that’s C Level for you. Delicious, fresh, comfort food that replenishes your palate. Certainly, their creative menu is the perfect epitome of Floridian culture and food. In addition, their services are a true reflection of what Floridian, beachy vibe truly stands for. You are here to relish seafood and that’s exactly what you get. The best Seafood dinner in Panama City Beach doesn’t fall short of the flagship they have conquered. Don’t forget that their one of the best steak restaurants near me on the beach.

In Reality, their specialties range from their famous herb-encrusted and slow-cooked Angus beef steaks to gulf grouper. Their Mahi-Mahi tacos have remained a popular choice among those who frequently visit for quick bites. But, that’s not all they do. They are now an event catering near you restaurant.

best seafood dinner in panama city beach

2. Captain Anderson’s Restaurant

5551 N Lagoon Dr, Panama City, FL

Next, we have a veteran on the list. Capt. Anderson’s is a family-run waterfront restaurant and truly a landmark. It is proudly celebrating its 55th year in the industry this year. Their evident growth has been because of their relaxing ambiance, exceptional service, and delectable signature menu. Waterfront views are, of course, a true delight. But what is truly marvelous is their signature wine to go down with your delicious meals.

Their seafood platter and hush puppies are popular choices. The shrimp scampi pasta is another one of their special dishes.

3. Schooners Last Local Beach Club

5121 Gulf Dr, Panama City, FL

It is the perfect place for seafood lovers to chill and enjoy their dinner. This can be dubbed as the best seafood dinner in Panama City Beach for the ones who want to groove along live music as well.  For instance, the aura of this vibrant restaurant is simply intoxicating. And you do not come here to relish seafood, it is the other way around here.  You dance, hop, and party while catching bites in between. This is the ultimate Floridian party you don’t want to miss. In reality, this club has it all, it has the vibe of an absolute party den and the ambiance of a splendid dinner.

Redfish fillets, seared crab cakes, and ahi steak will have swooning over Schooners.

4. Bayou on the Beach Cafe & Oyster Bar

11115 Hutchison Blvd, PCB, FL

Cajun and oysters on your mind? Look nowhere else, Bayou on the Beach is the best seafood dinner in Panama City Beach for it. The real “catch” here is the “You hook ‘em, we’ll cook ‘em” service. Besides, if you have a fresh catch while fishing? Bring them to Bayou. They will freshly prepare and serve it in delectable New Orleans style. Hence, it being an oyster bar as well, you get served only the best oysters, Rockefeller. Mardi Gras is celebrated every day so it is the best of both worlds.

Known for its Cajun lump crab cakes, weekly crawfish boil, seafood muffulettas, and fried alligator in Buffalo sauce.

5. Grand Marlin

5323 N Lagoon Dr, PCB, FL

Furthermore, a local favorite and popular choice among tourists, this restaurant takes reservations. Despite that, it is a hit among its regular customers. Grand Marlin would serve the best seafood dinner in Panama City Beach for special occasions. For this reason, the warm ambiance, beautiful gulf views, comfortable lounge area, and sophisticated vibe make it a splendid choice.

Clearly, Grand Marlin is known for its signature dishes, namely- Ginger soy yellow fin tuna and Key lime grilled lobster trail.

Best Seafood Dinner In Panama City Beach

To sum up, has hunger gotten you crabby? Overall, the best seafood dinner in Panama City Beach saves the day. For this reason, the above best steakhouse near me restaurant is where locals eat, hands-down, serve the most delectable seafood there is. Most of all, pick your choice of steak and seafood or try them both. Hint: it’s all good.

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