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Steak & Seafood Restaurant

Steak & Seafood Simple…Fresh…Delicious… Behind all of this is our Amazing C-level Bar & Grill in Panama City Beach.  We’ve grown from a family of 7 to 40 and counting.  Furthermore, It’s our team of caring, knowledgeable and often times silly yet professional folks who really make the magic day after day, night after night. Most of all, we are super proud and thankful for them each and every day!

Steak & Seafood Flavor Since 2010

Family Owned Steak & Seafood Restaurant

Welcome to a bit about us!  Natives to the area, for the most part all of us have lived here our entire lives.  Although, we have seven blended siblings the oldest being Chaz, Rich and Sean pretty much run the roost of the day-to-day restaurant operations. Even though on any given night, you can always spot on owner here.  Every one of us has worked here and our extended family never stops growing and changing. Recently, stretching beyond the walls , we’ve been able to reach out to a newly acquired vender farm “MIMMS FARM” just north of panama city beach, in Vernon. for produce and other locally sourced products.  

Our families mean everything to us. In the first place, they say the dinner table is a place to reconnect which holds true for us. Of course, we do this is for our guest. We have a lot of fun despite all the hard work! We’ve been caught dancing and singing with guests on Facebook, tik tok and beyond. We’ve taken a ton of photos with people we now call friends and family. We prank each other and tell a lot of jokes. 

Despite the seriousness when were busy, we never stop having fun. Just because we take reservations doesn’t mean we’re fancy. We are a casual eatery, busy making it enjoyable for you. In the first place, we ask you to come casual, knowing you’re always welcomed. Lastly, just kick back and enjoy our atmosphere and food.  We look forward to serving your family anyone of our Steak & Seafood dinners soon!

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Homemade Food​

Homemade food is Comfort food.  In Panama City Beach we like to keep it Simple, Delicious and there definitely isn’t anything boujee about it! We take a lot of pride in just keeping it simple, fresh and delicious.

Steak & Seafood with a twist

Although, our food is fresh and simple with a Twist of atmosphere, You’ll absolutely enjoy our extensive Craft Cocktails, Craft Beer, and Bourbon Lists! We house one of Panama City Beaches most creative Craft Cocktail Bartenders.  The menu is exotic and flavor-filled and most certainly as boujie as we get! Sit around the bar and enjoy Sweet, Spicy, Smokey Aromatics drinks all night!

Meet The Chef


Chef Craig has come along way in Panama City Beach.  Most of all, our relationship started while he was just a young Kitchen Manager. Worked at the Boatyard Restaurant under Chef Konrad Jochum, Since,  he was a regular patron in our earlier years.  In fact, after the closure of Boatyard, Craig continued with the Schooners and Spinnaker Beach Club before stepping out on his own with his catering business.  For this reason, his strong roots in the restaurant catering and event business has really helped him to grow along with us at C-level Bar & Grill. But, don’t forget to ask about our Steak & Seafood dinners.


Steak & Seafood & Sandwiches

The Concept

While here in Panama City Beach, you want a place that accommodates everyone in your group. Our eatery does just that! Locally sourced seafood for your seafood lovers, simple sandwiches and salads for your lighter fair friends and of course a wide variety of choice steaks to satisfy the hungriest eaters in your group! Something for Everyone…All the time!


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Monday - Sunday
4:00 - ???

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8014 Front Beach Road
Panama City Beach, FL 32407

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